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Getting started & staying current tips for using directEDGAR's Search, Extraction and Normalization platform to collect data

  1. The Search, Extraction and Normalization Engine has a full Help system built into the application.
  2. Our YouTube channel has a growing set of videos that illustrate key features of our platform. Subscribe to the channel or browse it when you are wondering the best way to take advantage of the power of directEDGAR. directEDGAR's YouTube Channel.
  3. To stay current with improvements and to find detailed information about some of the more complex issues associated with collecting data from EDGAR filings visit/subscribe to our blog. directEDGAR's Blog.
  4. If you need personalized help please contact our help team - we will try to respond within 24 hours. Please make sure you provide a full description of your data collection goals if you are seeking general direction. If you have encountered some specific problem with the application please provide any request files and then screenshots of the problem you are experiencing can also help us more quickly address your problem. directEDGAR Tech Support